Get your party hats out, folks! Stickman has been re-scanned!

Thanks to some excellent tech work from the fancy folks in the Stickman copy room, we can have the next adventure up real soon. So, please feel free to hold a “Liberation of Stickman” Party in honor of this great day.  In fact, check out our Facebook event for it. Anyone who holds a party should send us pictures of it so we can make a flickr gallery for it.

Oh yes, it seems we’ve forgotten to mention Stickman’s recent infiltration of the social networking site known as Facebook. So, Facebook users, search “The Further Adventures of Stickman” and what will you find? Our lovely little group constructed fully in his honor, naturally. Perhaps, if we’re feeling sneaky, we shall make him his own profile. We ARE in the middle of an evil genius scheme to conquer Myspace, as well. No domain shall go un-Stickmanned!

Love and Smoochies,

The Stickman Posse



So, it turns out we won’t be publishing a new comic today. We apologize profusely, but it is solely for the good of the comics.  We’re trying to re-scan the strips at a higher resolution to make them easier to read, but it’s taking longer than we thought.  Possibly, one will go up tonight, we just can’t promise it will be read-able.

Sorry for the disappointment, if you’re actually disappointed,

The Stickman Gang


Part 2.

This is stickman. Created in 2005, Stickman now aimlessly wanders the earth in search of adventure and chances to misbehave. We’ve documented his travels and put them up on this site, and will continue to do so weekly until we : A.) Run out of ideas or B.) Find out how devastatingly unpopular the site is. Do enjoy, and give us a shoutout, ’cause we love to hear what people think. For instance, our science teacher told us it seemed kind of pointless. You could be a little more constructive with your comments, but truly, anything is good.

Love and smoochies,

The Stickman Gang.