Hello beautiful, beautiful people of the web-universe!

This is where you tell us what you think. Need an example? “I think that Stickman should be idolized and worshiped and all people should bow at his sticky feet! Marry me, Stickman!” or… “Perhaps you might use colors in your drawings. They are quite bland.”

Be truthful, but be courteous.  Some of us are quite sensitive.

Love and Smoochies,

The Stickman Gang.

3 Responses to “Feedback!”

  1. 1 harpelle88

    somehow i dont think stickman would make a great husband.

  2. 2 stickmancomics1

    There would definitely be some complications.
    For one, he’s 2D. But you could make him do whatever you wanted him to.

  3. 3 Kate Tabor


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