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Yeah, Okay


This is a public service announcement. Stickman really is back. He really is. His newest adventures are beautifully rendered in black pen and lined paper that got rained on because that’s what happens in rain storms when you have to walk home from school and yes, that is a coca cola stain, you got a […]

A’ight. We hit our first roadblock. I ran outta pages of high enough quality to publish. I gotta make more. Mmph. Unfortunately, my creativity brain is on high stress level for no apparent reason and has taken an unprecedented flight to Cancun. I think that it just overreacted to a formula essay (which really suppressed […]

A rant.
Pretty much, that’s what this is.

Hold your very own “Liberation of Stickman” Party!



So, it turns out we won’t be publishing a new comic today. We apologize profusely, but it is solely for the good of the comics.  We’re trying to re-scan the strips at a higher resolution to make them easier to read, but it’s taking longer than we thought.  Possibly, one will go up tonight, we […]

This is stickman. Created in 2005, Stickman now aimlessly wanders the earth in search of adventure and chances to misbehave. We’ve documented his travels and put them up on this site, and will continue to do so weekly until we : A.) Run out of ideas or B.) Find out how devastatingly unpopular the site […]