About Stickman Comics

Drawn in #2 pencil on lined paper, Stickman was originally a source of entertainment during class, but it’s now on it’s way to being something everyone with internet access can enjoy. Our eventual goal is to put out a book, but first we want to see what the populace thinks, so it’s up to you. Hopefully, we’ll be getting out an adventure a week once the site gains momentum. But to gain said momentum, we need your help. If you like the site, tell your friends, family, and all other people you deem worthy. Help us out, you friendly people!

– The Stickman Gang

10 Responses to “About Stickman Comics”

  1. 1 Emma S

    WOW!!! It’s pretty high-tech. I’m impressed. Do you want the broken arm one? I think I still have it.

  2. 2 stickmancomics1

    No. Is good. That was for Andy, so he should keep it. glad you like it, though!

  3. 3 Emma S

    that was an intensly quick response. who are the other ppl who responded? random people, or people we know?

  4. 4 stickmancomics1

    birdy65 = my sister.
    random people, which is pretty amazing, if you ask me.

  5. 5 harpelle88

    this is soo cool!!!

  6. 6 Emma S

    I know right!!!!!!!!!!!! why arent i an official member???????????????????????

  7. 7 stickmancomics1

    Because you didn’t help make one, but if you do and swear to fully invest yourself in the cause and draw a stickman on your arm in blood and do the sacred dance, we’ll let you in. You know where to find me.

  8. 8 Emma S

    Well you know. In Ms. Fahey’s class last year remember creating ones with you in your assingment notebook…

  9. 9 jp

    WHERE IS ME AND HANNAH’S AMAZING COMIC!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10 stickmancomics1

    They go up in chronological order. So that one won’t be up for a while.
    Chill, girlfriend.

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