Yeah, Okay


This is a public service announcement.

Stickman really is back. He really is. His newest adventures are beautifully rendered in black pen and lined paper that got rained on because that’s what happens in rain storms when you have to walk home from school and yes, that is a coca cola stain, you got a problem with it? So lemme just put the finishing touches on them in math class tomorrow instead of learning about sines and cosines (because really, when am I or Stickman going to use those in real life? We’re not).

I may or may not be giving up my math grade for this. Does that make me a weirdo?

Love and Love and Love and Finals? What?

Stickman and Em

2 Responses to “Yeah, Okay”

  1. Yes, but if you were sine squared and the perfect guy was cosine squared, you could be one.

    I’m an English teacher, but I can do the math…

  2. 2 stickmancomics1

    is that even true?
    if i was sine of angle c divided by side c and the guy was sine of angle b divided by side b, we’d be equals and we’d make up 2/3 of a triangle and life would be good.
    oh, math. how i detest thee.

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