New ideas? For realzies?


A’ight. We hit our first roadblock.

I ran outta pages of high enough quality to publish. I gotta make more. Mmph. Unfortunately, my creativity brain is on high stress level for no apparent reason and has taken an unprecedented flight to Cancun. I think that it just overreacted to a formula essay (which really suppressed it and limited its boundaries… kinda like house arrest) streak in which I was brutally forced to write like, three essays in a night. Never fear, however, it was apprehended buying a car south of the border and authorities should return it to me tomorrow, just in time for my flight to Los Angeles with some circus friends. We’ll set it to good work writing new pages on the plane Wednesday. But it’s gonna be tough.

Real tough.

Especially when I’m lounging by the pool and no longer have the energy to move to even sip my drink and have to summon the gorgeous cabana boy to help me….

I think I might be slightly distracted. It’s a good thing, it means my creativity brain is on it’s way back.

Stickman breaks into the music industry, Stickman in space, Stickman joins the circus, Stickman and the attack of the evil pebble.

Ahh, it’s nice to be back.

One Response to “New ideas? For realzies?”

  1. 1 Kate Tabor

    I’m hoping that a long plane ride might just coax Stickman to sharpen his pencil once again. An anxious world awaits your return.

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