#8: Stickman films “Attack of the Wildebeests”


I realize that the spelling of wildebeests (wildebeast? wildebeeste? wildebeastie?) may or may not be questionable.

Gimme a break. It’s a weird word that doesn’t get used a whole lot, unless you’re like, a wildebeestologist. In which case, I apologize for the scientifically incorrect drawings.



2 Responses to “#8: Stickman films “Attack of the Wildebeests””

  1. 1 Kate Tabor

    Stickman! You have returned! How we have missed you. So glad that you narrowly missed being Flatman there with the wildebeests on stampede or whatever they were up to. You may need a better agent. I am sure that all the wildebeestologists will find a way to celebrate your heroism (or castigate your foolishness – you pick).

    More soon please.

    • 2 stickmancomics1

      Stickman is happy to be home.

      More soon indeed.
      Stickman is thinking color comics. What do you think?

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