Finals Week, and the Imminent Return of Stickman


Oh goodness gracious.

My profuse apologies for not posting much at all for a while now. Finals are coming up… scary stuff. This is good news, however. With my free time after completing finals, I can hopefully craft new, full color adventures. Because, guess who got a new color scanner?

Me. I did.

Besides finals, things have been busy. I mean, come on, the fifth season of Buffy and the second season of Angel are just WAY intense! Especially when Spike realizes he loves Buffy and then Buffy has to sacrifice herself to stop the world from ending, and in Angel, Cordy gets sucked into Lorne’s Hell Dimension where they make her queen and Angel… well, he’s just a hottie, isn’t he? I mean, really. Not to mention, I’ve been watching Bones, trying to catch up on that, and now Firefly…

You can see that I have no time on my hands, whatsoever. I’m a social butterfly.

But fear not! Stickman will return! New ideas are needed and appreciated. Also some fingerless gloves because my house is really cold and my fingers go numb after a lot of typing.

Now… Back to my quarter project. Speaking of which, if anyone knows anything about Rome… please. Stickman needs your help. If the creator, aka. me, fails History, there will be no more Stickman. Not for a while. Weigh the options, fellow Stickmen.

2 Responses to “Finals Week, and the Imminent Return of Stickman”

  1. 1 Kate Tabor

    Stick-mama will help with the Rome stuff. So after watching 10 episodes of Firefly today I can safely say that it is worth wasting a day on the couch for.
    Looking forward to further adventures. Stickman in ancient Rome?

  2. 2 stickmancomics1

    i wonder if i could draw a stick toga…

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