Yeah, Okay


This is a public service announcement.

Stickman really is back. He really is. His newest adventures are beautifully rendered in black pen and lined paper that got rained on because that’s what happens in rain storms when you have to walk home from school and yes, that is a coca cola stain, you got a problem with it? So lemme just put the finishing touches on them in math class tomorrow instead of learning about sines and cosines (because really, when am I or Stickman going to use those in real life? We’re not).

I may or may not be giving up my math grade for this. Does that make me a weirdo?

Love and Love and Love and Finals? What?

Stickman and Em


A’ight. We hit our first roadblock.

I ran outta pages of high enough quality to publish. I gotta make more. Mmph. Unfortunately, my creativity brain is on high stress level for no apparent reason and has taken an unprecedented flight to Cancun. I think that it just overreacted to a formula essay (which really suppressed it and limited its boundaries… kinda like house arrest) streak in which I was brutally forced to write like, three essays in a night. Never fear, however, it was apprehended buying a car south of the border and authorities should return it to me tomorrow, just in time for my flight to Los Angeles with some circus friends. We’ll set it to good work writing new pages on the plane Wednesday. But it’s gonna be tough.

Real tough.

Especially when I’m lounging by the pool and no longer have the energy to move to even sip my drink and have to summon the gorgeous cabana boy to help me….

I think I might be slightly distracted. It’s a good thing, it means my creativity brain is on it’s way back.

Stickman breaks into the music industry, Stickman in space, Stickman joins the circus, Stickman and the attack of the evil pebble.

Ahh, it’s nice to be back.

I realize that the spelling of wildebeests (wildebeast? wildebeeste? wildebeastie?) may or may not be questionable.

Gimme a break. It’s a weird word that doesn’t get used a whole lot, unless you’re like, a wildebeestologist. In which case, I apologize for the scientifically incorrect drawings.



Oh goodness gracious.

My profuse apologies for not posting much at all for a while now. Finals are coming up… scary stuff. This is good news, however. With my free time after completing finals, I can hopefully craft new, full color adventures. Because, guess who got a new color scanner?

Me. I did.

Besides finals, things have been busy. I mean, come on, the fifth season of Buffy and the second season of Angel are just WAY intense! Especially when Spike realizes he loves Buffy and then Buffy has to sacrifice herself to stop the world from ending, and in Angel, Cordy gets sucked into Lorne’s Hell Dimension where they make her queen and Angel… well, he’s just a hottie, isn’t he? I mean, really. Not to mention, I’ve been watching Bones, trying to catch up on that, and now Firefly…

You can see that I have no time on my hands, whatsoever. I’m a social butterfly.

But fear not! Stickman will return! New ideas are needed and appreciated. Also some fingerless gloves because my house is really cold and my fingers go numb after a lot of typing.

Now… Back to my quarter project. Speaking of which, if anyone knows anything about Rome… please. Stickman needs your help. If the creator, aka. me, fails History, there will be no more Stickman. Not for a while. Weigh the options, fellow Stickmen.

Apologies for neglecting to post for so long. Biology Homework got the best of us.


Introducing Moose! A character our science teacher originally came up with while drawing fantastical drawings for our science notes.


Special Supplement written by Hannah Schwimmer!

We’re making up for lost time, because that’s more exciting than doing homework.

Sorry for the wait, everybody! But here it is, in all of it’s glorious glory.